Political Policies To Make People’s Lifestyle Better And Law/Regulations Needed

In a democracy, the elected government, are abide to make policies for the betterment of the people of the state, it is also the duty of the government to make sure that the policies are implemented on grounds, and people are benefitted by it.

How a democracy works

People elect their representative, through a fair and unbiased voting process. The elected representative then decides, who among them will be the head of state and a government is formed. The elected government then looks after the economic and social affairs of the state, it is the responsibilities of the government, to maintain law and order in the state. The government does all this with help of the bureaucrats and different constitutional authorities.

The judiciary- The guarding body of the constitution

The judiciary is an autonomous constitutional body, which is another important part of the democracy, it is the duty of the judiciary to make sure, that the justice is provided to the people. Judiciary also keeps a check on the government, intervening from time to time, that the policies by the government are implemented properly. Judiciary can even strike down certain government policies, if it finds out, that the policy is unjust to any person of the state.

The Government officials

As I mentioned before the government duties are not only limited to making policies for the betterment of the people but also to make sure that these policies are implemented honestly. The bureaucrats and the government officials helped the government to look after the implementation of the policies on the ground level. So, the bureaucrats and officials are actually the ones, who are in direct contact with people of the state. This makes it really important for these officials to be honest in their work, as they are one who gets the funds to implement a particular policy, if they are honest, they will make sure that the funds are spent in a proper and lawful manner.

Non-Government Organizations (N.G.O)

N.G.O is another body which looks after the implementation of the government policies, but as their name suggests, they are not authorized to the government. These organizations are formed by some well-informed citizens, with an agenda, to make sure that the people are benefitted by the government policies and everyone in the government are actually doing their work with utmost responsibility. 

A well-informed citizen

A well-informed citizen is equal to a government official, it lacks in the official power, but the constitution has given them enough power to bring a change. If a citizen thinks his/her duty is only limited to voting, he is absolutely and is completely ignoring the fact, he is very much part of this system, and without their contribution, this system is not going to work for its betterment.

The government makes policies for the betterment of the society, but in the end, these policies are just political gimmicks, with no proper implementation and the only works that actually happen are on the paper. It is the duty of every citizen to raise appropriate questions whenever such a thing happens and enforce the government to work honestly on it.


Bettering Security of Online Voting In Elections With New Age Technology

The spirit of democracy lies in the freedom that is being guaranteed to the citizens which are reflected in the role that the citizens play in deciding their leaders. It is a true fact that the leaders are a reflection of the society and it is for this reason that it becomes important to ensure that the society gets a say in choosing its leaders which is the basic reason behind the elections. When it comes to elections, voting is an indispensable part of the elections. People cast votes for their favorite leaders and then on the basis of a decision taken by the majority, the leader of the democracy is being decided.

Thus, it is clear from the above discussion that voting is undoubtedly the most important part of the elections and at any cost, this aspect must not be compromised. It is for this reason that voting in elections has seen a significant change in all these times which has thus changed the entire face of elections all around the world. Electronic voting is the latest trend in this respect that has proved to be quite beneficial and time-saving as well.

Hassle free voting

One of the basic benefit derived from electronic voting is that it is absolutely hassling free and time-saving. This is to say that adoption this system of voting will mean that you do not have to worry about standing in long queues waiting for your turn to vote. Such a system will prevent the fraud and duplicity that is prevalent in the system. This system of voting ensures that not only the time of the voter is being saved but also that it is convenient for him to vote and decide the leader.

Ensuring the security of voting systems

A major aspect of online voting is to ensure the safety and security of the voting ballots. As you are already aware of the fact that any information that is available on the online platform is quite prone to hacking and misuse. This is to say that the although the online platform for casting votes and conducting elections is safe, convenient and easy yet there are chances that one might deliberately misuse the information that is available on the online platform.

Newer technologies are dominating the world and as a result of these technologies, we have been able to design a system that can be considered as absolutely safe and secure for the purpose of online voting. There have been quite a few effective devices designed in this respect and with the help of joint efforts, one thing can be asserted with conviction which is that the system is absolutely safe to be used in all the basic platforms. The system is quite safe to be used in all the major elections, whether it is an organization or a nation.

Thus, for Bettering security of online voting in elections, always prefer to use a safe and secure system.