Bettering Security of Online Voting In Elections With New Age Technology

The spirit of democracy lies in the freedom that is being guaranteed to the citizens which are reflected in the role that the citizens play in deciding their leaders. It is a true fact that the leaders are a reflection of the society and it is for this reason that it becomes important to ensure that the society gets a say in choosing its leaders which is the basic reason behind the elections. When it comes to elections, voting is an indispensable part of the elections. People cast votes for their favorite leaders and then on the basis of a decision taken by the majority, the leader of the democracy is being decided.

Thus, it is clear from the above discussion that voting is undoubtedly the most important part of the elections and at any cost, this aspect must not be compromised. It is for this reason that voting in elections has seen a significant change in all these times which has thus changed the entire face of elections all around the world. Electronic voting is the latest trend in this respect that has proved to be quite beneficial and time-saving as well.

Hassle free voting

One of the basic benefit derived from electronic voting is that it is absolutely hassling free and time-saving. This is to say that adoption this system of voting will mean that you do not have to worry about standing in long queues waiting for your turn to vote. Such a system will prevent the fraud and duplicity that is prevalent in the system. This system of voting ensures that not only the time of the voter is being saved but also that it is convenient for him to vote and decide the leader.

Ensuring the security of voting systems

A major aspect of online voting is to ensure the safety and security of the voting ballots. As you are already aware of the fact that any information that is available on the online platform is quite prone to hacking and misuse. This is to say that the although the online platform for casting votes and conducting elections is safe, convenient and easy yet there are chances that one might deliberately misuse the information that is available on the online platform.

Newer technologies are dominating the world and as a result of these technologies, we have been able to design a system that can be considered as absolutely safe and secure for the purpose of online voting. There have been quite a few effective devices designed in this respect and with the help of joint efforts, one thing can be asserted with conviction which is that the system is absolutely safe to be used in all the basic platforms. The system is quite safe to be used in all the major elections, whether it is an organization or a nation.

Thus, for Bettering security of online voting in elections, always prefer to use a safe and secure system.

The Role Of Plastic Surgery/Technology To Make World More Fair And Equal

Even after such a revolution in the plastic surgery field, there are still a lot of people who hold or look at the plastic surgery branch of medicine in a negative branch. There are a lot of medical as well as psychological benefits of actually having or undergoing a plastic surgery. It all basically depends on the reason on why anyone is undergoing a plastic surgery.

Why the negative notions of plastic surgery are baseless?

Sometimes, or more of the times society has been the source of it all. We have been told to be comfortable in our skin and love how we are, however when we do the same, we are picked on, torn apart for taking a stand. The double face of society is evident and known to all, meaning you can do and should do whatever you think is best for you or makes you feel more confident, whatever makes you believe more in yourself. Not all the people out there are comfortable in their skin or might be going through an illness, or already went through it that has made them unsatisfied with any of their body part, and it is okay for them to undergo a surgery.

How Is Plastic Surgery Actually Helping The World?

Here are some of the common surgeries that people undergo in their daily lives & here is how it is beneficial in both health ways and psychological ways

Breast Surgery:

In some cases, when it comes down to breast surgery, can be really beneficial. Women with large or heavy breasts often go through back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pains from the bra strap marks and also sometimes, headache. The breast surgery in such cases can be life-changing as usually there has been seen quite a lot of improvement in these symptoms after the surgery. Sometimes, it is also noted that the reduction in breast size can also result in a more enhanced participation of the patients in exercises and other activities.


Rhinoplasty or more commonly known as nose job can be somewhat shallow to think about. However, the doctors and the surgeons believe that it is one of the procedures that have in it not only to change the aesthetically form on someone’s nose but also the function of the area that is being treated. Some surgeries like nasal septoplasty can show a great deal of improvement in a patient’s breathing.

Excess Skin Removal:

Sometimes, a significant amount of weight loss is accompanied by a lot of skin problems. According to some of the doctors, such patients are the one who very easily develops some rashes and also sometimes infections in the deeper skin folds. Correction of some of the deeper skin folds can considerably decrease the chances of such infections.

So, here are some of the scientifically proven benefits of the cosmetic surgery, which lays much above the baseless fears and looking down of the society on these technological advanced procedures and practices.


Evolution Of Voting Process In India

India, the largest democracy in the world, relies a lot on the fair and true voting process. The elections in India are conducted by the Election Commission of India, which is an autonomous constitutional authority. From the first general elections ECI is doing their job with honesty, still, there were times, when allegations of unfair and biased elections, were made against ECI. In the process to conduct a fair election, ECI has always worked on upgrading the voting process, from paper ballots to electronic voting machine (E.V.M), and now there are talks about online voting too.


Balloting system and Marking system


The first General elections of independent India took place in 1951, it was conducted through a Balloting system, each candidate was allotted a separate ballot box, and a pre-printed ballot paper was provided to the voters, the voters were required to put the paper in the candidate’s ballot box of their choice. This process was replaced in 1962 with the marking system, each voter was provided with a preprinted ballot paper, with the names and election symbols of every candidate, and the voter has to mark the candidate of his/her choice, and put the paper in the ballot box, a common ballot box was used for this process.

There was a lot of problems with balloting system, the paper ballots can easily tamper, the vote counting can be influenced, at some places the polling booths were captured, and the ballot box was replaced. Every year ECI tried their best to conduct the fair election, with the help of the army, BSF and local police but paper ballots were still not trustworthy.


Electronic Voting Machine

Electronic Voting Machine, in India, was first used in 1989 on a pilot basis, but it was only in 1998-9, it was used extensively and in 2014 general elections EVMs were used at every polling station. EVM was introduced to overcome the problems with paper ballots, EVM is a better, safer and more trustworthy option than paper ballots. EVMs are not only more secure, than ballots but are also cost-efficient. Use of EVMS has brought down the whole costing of the election process. EVMs are also easier to transport and it also makes counting easier.


EVM has two units a control unit and the balloting unit. The control unit is under the surveillance of polling officer and balloting units come with the name and symbol of the candidate, it is used by the voter.


In recent time especially after 2014 general elections, there are questions been raised again EVMs, allegations are been made that EVMs can be hacked and the voting process can tamper. In the wake of this allegations, ECI introduced voterverifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT), so now every time a voter uses an EVM, a paper trail with the name or symbol of the voted candidate is generated by the EVM.

Online Voting


In this digital world, the talks about online voting are doing rounds for some time. Few countries are actually texting online voting and even in India, suggestions are provided to conduct online voting with the help of Aadhar.


With allegations of tampering of EVMs and the security issues regarding Aadhar and the world problem of an online data breach, the online voting doesn’t look secure enough.